3 month Canadian countdown 

Today is 3 months to the day I get on a plane from the UK and change my life forever by heading to Canada. Pastures new, I’ve never been or seen before.

This change will be a fresh slate, new surroundings, friends, work and experiences.

I chose Canada with the aim of heading for the mountains of Whistler in British Columbia as they have one of the best ski resorts in the world.

I have so many feelings about my move, I have no job, accommodation or family there. I’m going with my visa, my passport, some money in my pocket and the clothes in my suitcase.

The reasons I’m leaving my current life behind…. to name a few, are the following;

1 – I’m 30 this year, it’s my last chance to get a working holiday visa for up to 2 years.

2 – I’m single, childless, inquisitive and agile enough to do it.

3 – I love nature, the great outdoors, skiing/snowboarding and the freedom and exhilaration it brings.

4 – I vowed this time last year I wouldn’t be in the same place I was then, overworked, exhausted, suffering with severe anxiety and depression largely because of work, I took time out to seek counselling, to recoup and re evaluate the meaning of life and what I want from it.

5 – My grandma died in October 2016, may she rest in peace. A death in the family really puts time and life in perspective, we’re here once and once only, there is no second chance. I want to look back on my life and think I’ve lived it. My grandma would be supportive of me seeing new countries, cultures and making life a non stop adventure.

So there we have it, this has been something I’ve been thinking of doing since the new year, I’ve got my visa application approved, my insurance for two years (with all my medical conditions covered) and my flights booked for September 14th.

I’m going to rent out my house, give my beautiful cat, chief to my boss to look after (who I will miss dearly) and quit my office job.

It’s time to make a change… dreams don’t happen because you dreamed them, they happen because you do something about them.

Follow me on my adventure.

Love you


Author: soulsearchingser

Fun loving female, living life to the fullest whilst I'm here, friends, family and good times!

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